AMS - The Newest member of the BIA



The Boating Industry Association (BIA) provides a forum to discuss industry needs, problems and solutions and serves as the representative of the industry to Federal, State and Local Government departments and agencies, as well as other industry bodies, corporate interests, allied organisations, media and the general public.

The BIA represents over 90% of the recreational and light commercial marine industry. Our members get Australians onto the water, through the manufacture, wholesale or retail of products and services to the recreational boating consumer, and light commercial marine operators.

The Association strives to ensure that our members’ voices are heard in all relevant government, community and industry forums, to ensure any decisions that impact this lifestyle truly consider the needs of the boating community.

The main objective of the BIA is to support and improve the sustainability of the recreational and light commercial marine industry.

The BIA represents an industry that generates an annual turnover of $8 billion, exporting $1 billion in products and services*.