To Swivel or not to Swivel? That is the Question!!


Responsible for never-ending and ongoing discussions, swivels are described by some as unnecessary and to others essential.Pro or con, looking into manufacturing and material quality as well as proof of testing and breaking load are the keys. Titan Swivel designed with all these considerations in mind brings a solid answer to the debate.Titan® is a brand of CMP Group Ltd. that specializes in world-class marine chain (CMP), anchors (Rocna and Vulcan), rated shackle and many more quality products.The specially designed Titan flip swivel aims to rotate the anchor into the correct orientation if it retrieves over the bow upside-down.

The Titan Swivel is manufactured with Stainless Steel Grade 17 - 4PH which is stronger than 316 and offers excellent corrosion resistance.

The Titan Swivel covers the complete range of Rocna® and Vulcan® Anchors from 6Kg through to 55Kg.

With the Highest workload of any self-righting swivel on the market, Titan Swivel ensures safety and strength in your anchoring system.

The unique design allows the swivel with the highest load specifications even in a sideloading situation.

Offered in a polished mirror finish, the Titan Swivel not only succeeds in excellence in performance and aesthetics.

Available in three different sizes to match imperial and metric chain, the Titan Swivel fits 8mm and 10mm Australian standard Grade L chain.

Distributed in Australia by All Marine Spares one of the leading marine wholesaler for the past 35 years.  Available in your favourite local marine shops and online retailers.

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