Why you NEED a well Propped Boat


So - What is the Importance of a Well Propped Boat Anyway???

Selecting the correct propeller for your boat is not quite that straight forward…

Here are some things we consider on top of the boat/motor combination before recommending a propeller:

  • Where do you do most your boating? As in location, offshore, inshore, estuary, freshwater Salt Water, etc.
  • What or how do you use your boat? As in Water sport, cruising, fishing, working etc.
  • Typical weight in the boat for 80% of the time used?
  • Engine height placement on transom for outboards.
  • Any statistics/data on current and or past propellers used for a reference.
  • What do you want out of your boat/motor package? Where would you like to improve or change from what you currently have?


These questions and more can be asked to enable us to refer to our experienced data base and recommend a propeller. They’re very important as we digest the data because so many       variables can make a big difference between similar propellers.

For example, some data on four different propellers can look very close or similar when testing on flat perfect conditions inshore. It’s only when they’re tested in those tough conditions that show up the significant difference between propellers. Its only in extreme possibly life-threatening conditions when you may have been caught out by the weather. It is then you do really appreciate a well propped boat indeed. It makes all the difference when you want your boat to respond or do the job you expect of it ultimately.

We care and guarantee the performance and results with Solas Propellers, so you won’t get stuck with the wrong propeller.